Here is a list of resources and reading material on cash transfers in India and world wide. We will keep on updating this list. Not all the resources are on unconditional cash transfer, an approach that cashrelief is advocating.

If you would like to make a suggestion to this list then please write to us at India specific pilots

  1. UNICEF and SEWA pilot in Madhya Pradesh :

follow url India specific research studies

  1. Cash Vs in kind transfers-Indian data meets theory, Khera, Reitika, IEG Working Paper No. 325, 2013

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  1. Is it nuts to give money to poor people without strings. August 2013, NYtimes
  2. The price of basic income , July 2016, Indian Express
  3. Is it time for universal basic income in India, August 2016, Livemint
  4. The cash mantra, May 2011, Indian Express
  5. Cash Transfers, Miracle or Mirage, August 2016, Livemint

International experiences

  1. Givedirectly-
  2. The short term impact of unconditional cash transfers to the poor: Experimental evidence from Kenya, April 2016, Johannes Haushofer and Jeremy Shapiro, Princeton University


  1. Heres what happens when you give USD 1000 to someone in extreme poverty, Sep 2016, Andrew McDermott
  2. Do poor wastes direct transfers on booze and cigarettes ? No. May 2014, World Bank
  3. Cash or Cows. August 2013, Innovation for poverty action
  4. The case for unconditional transfers to the poor. August 2013, The Atlantic
  5. Definitive data on what poor people buy when they’re just given cash.Dec 2016,

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