Give Cash directly to ultra poor | gives money directly to very poor people and families with go no strings attached to help them come out of poverty.

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Unconditional cash transfer

Misoprostol fedex Research across the world has shown that unconditional cash transfers to poor people help them take more risks and become more entrepreneurial.They spend more on health and education.

Theory of change

People are unique and so are their needs. Cash allows poor to use it in ways they think is best. Some will invest in health and education. Others will take risks and start small businesses. Making unconditional cash transfers to ultra poor will help them come out of poverty. This is our theory of change.


Some people feel that cash transfers to ultra without any conditions or guidance is a bad idea. They feel that the poor are most likely to waste this money on drugs or alcohol or make poor decisions. However multiple studies have shown that poor don’t waste this money and make intelligent decisions on how to spend this money for a brighter future.